A collection of my thoughts on data science

Using data science to analyze my data science book

An extremely meta analysis of the book Build a Career in Data Science

March 24, 2020
How to make rtweet R Shiny apps with user credentials

Using 3-legged authentication to avoid twitter rate limits

January 23, 2020
Small data, big value

How simple machine learning can beat out massive tech investments

November 18, 2019
rstudio::conf 2019 takeaways

Serious Shiny, R in production, and data science skill growth

January 19, 2019
Using docker to deploy an R plumber API

Get your R code to run anywhere as a service

November 6, 2018
Guessing the year you were born from baby names using R

A simple question shows the pains of data science

September 28, 2018
There Are Four Kinds of Sex Partners (Which One Are You?)

By Jacqueline Nolis and Heather Nolis

A machine learning analysis of the Stranger's 2018 sex survey revealed surprising (NSFW) results

July 4, 2018
Red flags in data science interviews

By Emily Robinson and Jacqueline Nolis

Signs you should just say no to a potential job

July 3, 2018
You're relying on data too much

Making decisions worse, not better

May 17, 2018
So your data science project isn’t working

We’ve all been there

May 3, 2018