Jacqueline Nolis

data scientist
Jacqueline Nolis

My name is Jacqueline Nolis and I’m a data scientist in Seattle with over a decade of experience helping business solve problems with data. Today I am the Chief Product Officer at Saturn Cloud. For fun I like to make watercolor and oil pastel art.

I have aided companies and led teams at places from DSW and Union Bank to Microsoft and Airbnb. I have spent years consulting both independently and with consulting firms. My previous titles have included Principal Data Scientist at Brightloom and Director of Customer Insights and Analytics at Lenati. I earned a PhD in industrial engineering from Arizona State University–there my academic research covered optimizing road networks for electric vehicles.

I coauthored the book Build Your Career in Data Science with the excellent Emily Robinson. This book is a great resource for people wanting to become data scientists or grow in the role. We also have a podcast on the same topic!

If you want to talk to me, your best bet is to message me on twitter dot com.