My name is Jacqueline Nolis and I’m a data scientist in Seattle with over a decade of experience helping business solve problems with data. Today I work at Brightloom as a principal data scientist. There I build tools to help companies use data to improve the customer experience.

I have aided companies and led teams at places from DSW and Union Bank to Microsoft and Airbnb. I have spent years consulting both independently and with consulting firms. My previous titles have included the Director of Insights and Analytics at Lenati and before that I was a Lead of Advanced Analytics at Promontory Financial Group. I earned a PhD in industrial engineering from Arizona State University; there my academic research covered optimizing road networks for electric vehicles.

I coauthored the book Build Your Career in Data Science with the excellent Emily Robinson. This book is a great resource for people wanting to become data scientists or grow in the role.

If you want to talk to me, your best bet is to message me on twitter dot com.