I write on Medium on issues related to data science. Here is a selection of my work.

You're relying on data too much

Making decisions worse, not better

When you're running a business, you constantly make important decisions. While data has been marketed as the key to making the right ones, it can be just as harmful as helpful.

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Prioritizing data science work

Choosing between the many things you could work on

As a data scientist trying to support an organization, you often must decide what task you should be working on. You may be managing all sorts of different tasks, and you need a way to handle that.

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The academic trap and data science

How to get a data science position after academia with no previous industry experience

If you are a full time academic and are considering switching to industry, you may find it difficult to leave. A lack of industry experience is the academic trap, but it's possible to get out of it.

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Getting data science to work

Predictive models are more than just the predictions

When building a predictive model, most junior (and many senior) data scientists fall into a trap of thinking that the success of their work depends precisely on how accurate the predictions are.

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